Why I Think Gwaine And Percival Became Boyfriends, I Mean Bros, Over The One Year Gap.

The first scene. I was honestly, seriously surprised to see them hanging out together. I mean, from the impression I got of Percival at the end of the last series, he seemed a little stoic, the quiet type. But here he is bro-ing around with Gwaine and smiling like he’s having the best time in the world.

I’m mostly just using this one to point out that, as they’re sitting next to each other, Gwaine’s super epic cup smash toast -

- Is with Percy.

This is the first time we see how easily they just jump to be back to back to each other. Also that they hang out at the back of the knights parade together. All the time. Seriously, watch and you’ll notice that.

Bros. Also Percy’s weird face there cracks me up. But still. The whole ep he keeps reaching to smack Gwaine around. It’s awesome.

The second there’s a weird noise, possible danger, they look to each other before moving forward. Cute.

Percy makes another of many amusing, strangely emotional faces at Gwaine when he’s not looking. Me gusta.

Gwaine doesn’t want to go look for firewood, or Arthur and Merlin. At least until Percy smacks him around again. ON HIS BUTT.

A bro should always walk/run with his arm around his best bro. Always.

Super super super close back to back stance. Granted, everyone kind of bunches together here but -

- As everyone else starts to break apart, there they are. Still. And they start to scootch away after the others like that too.

And now for the most important bit.

Ignore Lancelot’s chain mail all up in his face, because GWAINE AND PERCY’S HANDS.


Thank you for your time. Now I’m going to write fic about it.