윈터솔져 그 이후

Steve: Hi!
Sam: Honestly, those guys!!! 



윈터솔져 그 이후

Steve: Hi!

Sam: Honestly, those guys!!! 

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Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson 

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after Iron man 3 & Captain america : Winter Soldier

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Kari Discusses The Dos and Don’ts Of Three Common MCU!Steve Characteristic Tropes

1.) The Steve VS Technology Trope
  • DON’T make it seem as though Steve has trouble with technology because he’s stupid.
  • DON’T draw the idea that he’s a man out of time and thus is confused by the technological advances for too long.
  • DO be realistic. While it’s highly likely that there will be a handful, or even quite a few things, that will confuse him, they definitely won’t do so for long.
  • DO remember that this is a trope characteristic that is often used for comedic or adorable purposes. Steve texting in a formal, letter like manner is funny. Steve doing the dishes himself instead of letting the dishwasher and/or Tony’s robots do it is adorable. 
  • DO remember that Steve is a very intelligent person.

2.) The Steve And No Cussing Trope

  • DON’T overuse the “Gosh, golly, gee whizz” thing.
  • DO remember that Steve has cussed in the MCU before.
  • DO keep in mind that he doesn’t cuss a lot in the MCU, regardless.

3.) The Steve And Strong Women Trope

  • DON’T make it seem as though Steve is somehow intimidated by strong women.
  • DON’T make it seem like Steve thinks women belong in the kitchen.
  • DON’T have Steve treat ANY woman as though they are somehow lesser than himself.
  • DO have Steve worry about a woman’s safety just as he worries about the safeties of EVERY SINGLE TEAM MEMBER.
  • DO have Steve acknowledge a woman’s strengths just as he acknowledges the strengths of all of his team members.
  • DO have Steve trust a female character (Natasha, Peggy, girl!Tony, etc) to fight in the front lines the same way he trusts every other member of his team.
  • DO write Steve/girl!Tony fics all you want.
  • DON’T do any of the DON’Ts above while doing so.
  • DON’T. Seriously.

All It Takes Is A Fall

They’re like two falling stars blazing past each other in the night sky, racing, plummeting, falling too fast to catch and burning too hot to hold on to with your bare hands.

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Anonymous asked: Could you write a Steve/Tony first kiss ficlet? With Steve doing the kissing and Tony being unsure..I need Tony being seduced by Steve like air. Thank you.

Tony figured that if it was going to happen, it was going to happen on the battlefield. Nothing like a good, cliché “Oh thank God we’re not dead” kiss to warm the heart. Or something like that. Or at least that’s how it always went in his head because that’s where fantasies, and stupid fantasies at that, were supposed to stay. 

Except that apparently there was such a thing as one almost dying moment too many before someone did something drastic. And by drastic, Tony meant absolutely bat-shit-bonkers crazy. Surprisingly, however, it wasn’t Tony who had gotten pumped up on insanity that day.

It was Steve.

Tony had recently, as in about a minute and a half ago recently, crashed into the north end of a shopping mall, skidded down and wrecked an escalator, and ended up smashing into a fountain (complete with dazzling waterfall!) before coming to rest on the side of said fountain underneath a glass elevator. Seeing as the suit was pretty waterlogged and beat up, and hahaha, ow that had hurt, Tony decided the best option was to just lay there and contemplate how a giant mutant dog had managed to hurl him through half of a shopping mall. 

So he lay there, in a pretty good impression of a possum should said giant mutant dog come back to finish their sick game of fetch, or whatever it was. He wasn’t actually dying, though, it should be noted. He just hurt. Everywhere.

But anyways, it took exactly a minute and a half for Steve to come barreling through the now trashed shopping mall and splash into the fountain like saving Tony from drowning in six inches of water was his fucking job. Oh wait, it kind of was. Tony was pretty sure that somewhere on the list of things the Avengers did “Saving Iron Man from his own stupidity,” was included. Tony raised a half hearted hand as Steve splashed through the fountain towards him to show that he was fine, please get back to fighting Clifford’s experimented on puppies, no one over here is dying. But apparently Steve misinterpreted what Tony thought was a very clear hand-wavey motion, as he dropped down on his knees beside Tony and promptly worked at wrenching his helmet off.

Which, yeah, okay, that would be great seeing as the combination of destroying half a shopping mall with one’s own body and then falling into a fountain seemed to have put JARVIS temporarily offline so Tony couldn’t get it off himself, but it wasn’t that big of a deal. So Tony didn’t really protest when Steve managed to wrench the helmet off and toss it aside. He grinned when he caught a full, clear view of Steve’s worried face, his chest heaving with how hard he must have run to get there as fast as he did (Tony’s pretty sure the shopping mall he’s in now is a good four miles from where the giant dog launched him from), and his golden-blond hair damp with sweat from the battle as he tugged his cowl off. 

“Did you miss me?” Tony quipped.

And then Steve kissed him. It wasn’t any sort of “Whoops I slipped” sort of kiss that Tony was often guilty of at parties full of attractive people, but rather a full out, hands on either side of Tony’s face and fingers threading into his hair kiss of, “Thank god you’re not dead because I’ve secretly been in love with your for ages.”

And oh, hello, that was new. 

Tony took about 5.4 seconds to appreciate before he flipped the fuck out. Super soldier or not, when Tony raised a hand to push Steve back Steve complied without hesitation, though his hands were, notably, still on Tony’s face. “What?” he said, gaze innocent as Tony tried not to hyperventilate. 

“What do you mean ‘What?’” Tony practically shrieked. “Are you insane? Have you been drugged?” Steve looked taken aback for a second, a bit offended, until Tony continued. “You have to be because no one in their right mind wants a relationship with me! That wasn’t a ‘Oh let’s bang and be done with it’ kiss that was a ‘You almost died and now I must admit my most heartfelt feelings kiss!’”

Steve smiled, “And?”

“And you don’t want,” Tony used his free hand not pushing Steve away to gesture at himself, “This! Okay? No one does. I’m not worth it.”

Steve’s eyebrows wrinkled together at this. “Don’t be stupid.”

Tony gaped, “Don’t be- Me?! How about you don’t be stupid! I’m saying no for your own good, Rogers.”

Frowning at the deliberate use of his last name rather than his first, Steve sighed. “And I’m saying yes for yours, idiot. Now shut up and let me kiss you because you like it.”

“Don’t-” Tony started, but it was too late, Steve had moved dived in again, kissing him hard like the freaking world was ending right then and there. And yeah, okay, Tony really wasn’t going to protest that. They could discuss Steve’s apparent brain damage and Tony’s emotional turmoil later.


Anonymous asked: Oh I'm sure you would have done a fantastic Deadpool! Perhaps I might ask for a fic where Bucky (and perhaps Tony as well) dedicate time to just screw with Steve? I just reeally want a flustered Steve that just takes it because he finds he can't get angry at them. Thanks a bunch~

“We have a code Alpha Delta Sig … Nus? Over.” 

“You don’t even know what those words mean, do you. You’re just spouting gibberish into the walkie-talkie. Don’t even try and lie to me, Stark. Over.”

“I do too know what those words mean! And you’re supposed to use the code name! Over.”

“Signus is the name of the swan constellation of stars, Teapot. Over.”

“I knew that, Kettle. Now shut up. We have a code … Something. Over.”

“What does that even mean?! Over.”

“It means Steve’s coming down the stairs, duck and cover. Over.” Tony clutched his walkie-talkie in one hand and made a dive for the couch just as Steve reached the bottom of the stairs, landing on his stomach and flipping over to strike the perfect model pose, one arm propping his head up as he sprawled out on his side.

Steve made his way around the couch towards the kitchen and paused when he caught sight of Tony. “Um, what are you doing?” he asked.

Tony grinned. “Come closer,” he beckoned after he had shoved the walkie-talkie behind him where Steve wouldn’t see it. Suspicious, Steve edged a but closer. “No, come here. Come on,” Tony whined and reached out a hand towards the super soldier. Steve rolled his eyes and came closer until he was standing over Tony, his arms folded over his chest defensively.

“What, Tony.”

Doing his best to contain his laughter, Tony grabbed Steve by his shirt and dragged him down until they were eye level. “Steve,” he whispered and smirked when Steve shivered bodily at his tone, “Draw me like one of your French girls.”

Steve inhaled and staggered back, nearly tripping over the coffee table behind him and Tony completely lost it. He rolled over and pressed his face into the couch cushions to stifle his laughter, to little avail. Steve had made his way over to the kitchen, and was clutching the bar with one arm behind him, his face beet red. “What the hell, Tony?” he snapped and Tony had to lift his head from the cushions to suck in a breath in order to continue laughing. Steve pinched the bridge of his nose and groaned before he glanced behind him and said promptly, “Bucky, what are you doing on the floor?” which was when Tony knew he wouldn’t be able to stop laughing any time soon.

“Secret things,” Bucky said smoothly as he peeked over the other side of the bar. 

Once Steve had gone, Bucky tumbled over the bar and onto the floor, soldier crawling across the floor to where Tony was still laughing on the couch. “That was not part of the plan,” he scolded.

“No, it wasn’t. I was better than the plan and you know it,” Tony wheezed.

“Regardless, it’s my turn now.”

“Be my guest.”

Which was why Steve found himself standing, sopping wet, in the doorway to the gym a half hour later. 

Bucky was, quite literally, rolling on the floor laughing at him while Tony had his hands in the air with an exasperated expression on his face. “Really, Barnes? Really? A bucket on the door was the best you could come up with? It’s so juvenile!”

“It’s still funny,” Bucky pointed out, still gasping for air around his laughter.

Tony moved to circle around Steve, who was standing there and dripping onto the gym floor with a stony expression. “Mildly funny,” Tony corrected. “But seeing as Steve wears white shirts more than he does any other color, and today he’s wearing one of said shirts, I think you get a gold star for this one.” He raised a flirtatious eyebrow and Steve and Steve promptly fumbled to cover himself with something because, wow, yeah, his white shirt was now completely see through and clinging to him in what most people would label as a very obscene way. 

“B-Bucky, don’t you have somewhere to be?” He challenged, eyes darting to where Bucky was, of course, still laughing so hard he was finding it difficult to stand.

Fortunately, this question must have been like some sort of dog whistle to Natasha, as she appeared out of literally nowhere and began to drag Bucky out of the room by the collar of his shirt. “Same time next week?” Bucky called to Tony before he was out of sight.

“Yep!” Tony shouted back.

Steve smacked a hand to his face and, for the first time, prayed that evil villains would occupy the team this time next week.

Sometimes when I get a lot of SteveTony feels I watch this video just to torture myself more.